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The BCERF program on the Cancer Risks of Environmental Chemicals in the Home and Workplace closed on March 31, 2010. No further updates will be made to this web site. Please go Cornell University’s eCommons web site to access BCERF’s archived research and educational materials (


1. How do I see the definitions?
In fact sheets with glossaries, the underlined words are defined in the glossary. Click an underlined word to see the definition. The glossary definitions open in pop-up windows. It's important to close the window after you read the definition. If you don't close the window, it will be hidden behind your main browser window. If you click the same term later to see the definition again, it will appear that nothing happens. You'll need to move the main window to see the definition window.

2. I want to see the whole glossary at once.
If you would like to see the entire glossary, visit our index.

3. Why are only some of the occurrences of each term linked?
The first occurrence of the term in each paragraph is linked to the glossary. (Linking every occurrence would clutter the text, making it difficult to read.)

4. I click on a term and I don't see the glossary box.
You may have left the definition window open earlier in the session and it is now hidden behind the main browser window. Move or resize the main browser window to find the definition window.

5. I need a definition for other terms.
If you would like to see another term added to the glossary, please let us know. Send an email

6. Which fact sheets have glossaries?
The following fact sheets have glossaries.