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The BCERF program on the Cancer Risks of Environmental Chemicals in the Home and Workplace closed on March 31, 2010. No further updates will be made to this web site. Please go Cornell University’s eCommons web site to access BCERF’s archived research and educational materials (

February 1996 Forum Summary
Cancer and Environment Forums

The Ad Hoc Discussion Group provides an open and neutral forum for any and all stakeholders to come together to discuss issues related to breast cancer and environmental risk factors. Among past participants have been women from breast cancer groups, environmentalists, representatives from state and county farm bureaus and societies, agribusiness, chemical manufacturers, state agencies (NYS Dept. of Health, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, NYS Agriculture & Markets) and NYS legislative and executive branches of government as well as Cornell scientists, medical professionals, and personnel representing Cornell Cooperative Extension. The group has met 4 times in Ithaca, Albany and on Long Island to learn together about the issues from different perspectives and to identify needed science-based information for individual decision-making as well as public policy making. At their request, a white paper for discussion was prepared outlining general areas of consensus by the group and the plans of the Cornell BCERF program.

The next meeting of the group is on Friday, June 21, 1996 at Cornell University in Ithaca. For more information on the meeting or a copy of the white paper, check the appropriate box on the tear sheet on page 7 and return it to the program office or call Carin Rundle at 607/254-2893; email: