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The BCERF program on the Cancer Risks of Environmental Chemicals in the Home and Workplace closed on March 31, 2010. No further updates will be made to this web site. Please go Cornell University’s eCommons web site to access BCERF’s archived research and educational materials (

Mary Maley
Extension Associate

Mary Maley is an Extension Associate with the Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors (BCERF) in the Sprecher Institute for Comparative Cancer Research at Cornell University. She holds a master's degree in adult and extension education with a minor in community nutrition from Cornell University. She received her bachelor's degree in communications management from Ithaca College. Prior to joining BCERF, Mary held positions in community health, human services, and public communication.

Mary's current research focuses on building community capacity to address obesity prevention for breast cancer risk reduction using an environmental approach. She acts as field coordinator for the Small Steps project, a community and worksite model for obesity prevention. She has developed and facilitated training programs for professionals who wish to incorporate breast cancer risk reduction into their community education or public health work.

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